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Hot dog places I've eaten at

Over the years I've eaten many a hotdog. I have recently become inspired to chronicle the places I visit. I have started off with a few I've visited recently for the first time and added a few historical eateries - The O in Pittsburgh and Yocco's in Allentown.

Unless specified otherwise, hotdogs are ordered with everything. "Everything" usually means everything the place puts on it that they don't charge extra for.

PlaceMy Rating (x/5)Comments

The Original Hot Dog Shop, Pittsburgh, PA
5The O; Best hot dogs in Pittsburgh; don't forget the fries; possibly closing in the near future but still open. I just ate there on 09/22/07; still a 5. Dogs are $2.99 (pick any toppings you want with that price except chili-cheese dogs which are $3.78) and buy a second for 1/2 price. Draft beers are now $2, small fries $2.75-ish. I remember when a small was 94 cents, a draft $1, and the hotdogs were $1.65. Remember, order dogs at the front counter, fries in the back, and draft beer the same place you buy the the six-packs and 40's. Still a gem after all these years.

Yocco's, the Hot Dog King, Allentown, PA
5Best hot dogs in the ABE/Pburg area; bar none; "the secret's in the sauce"; Liberty St. location is the place to go for full effect. "The Hot Dog King" - truer words have never been spoken; $1.19 each.
Charlie's Hot Dogs (Alpha Pool Room), Alpha, NJ5Hand-made (think quality); special sauce A+++; not the usual style you see at many eateries in the Easton/Pburg area; order dogs at the register, worth the trip; easy to miss even if you drive right by it
Toby's Cup, Phillipsburg, NJ4excellent snap; served what I am told is "Jimmy's style" - pickle slice on the dog; a very good dog at a good price (~$1/each); similar to Richard's (below) but better; closed Tuesdays.
Richard's Drive-In, Easton, PA3.5Easton/Pburg (Jimmy's/Toby's) style dog; not bad. Weak on the snap and not as good as the other "Jimmy's style" places, two of which aren't too far of a drive away.
Charlie's Famous, Kennilworth, NJ4Italian hot dogs; I am told these are quite common in NJ. Hot dog, topped with mustard is stuffed into an Italian bread roll thing, close to a pita, topped with sauteed onions and green peppers and sliced potatoes on top; barely fits in the roll. It's a meal in itself and that was the small; $3.90.
Tony's Featuring Syd's, Springfield, NJ4.5From what I gather, Syds moved into Tony's. From the outside, the place looks like it would be a bar or lounge inside; instead it's diner-esque. Hot dog stuck out of the bun. I ordered one with everything and that included mustard, pickle relish, a spicy red relish, and kraut. Excellent, but pricey at $3.25.
Pott's Doggie Shop, Bethlehem, PA4.5Steamed roll, "Everything" (@ $1.35 each) means mustard, chili sauce, and onion, lacked the snap but still an excellent dog, it's a real hot dog shop too, hotdogs, chips, and drinks only.

Vassi's Drive-In, Bethlehem, PA
4.25A pleasant surprise; great sauce, nice place, rolls were a tad dry but still a good dog; $1.04 each.

Traub's Doggies, Emmaus, PA
4good layout and location; step down to the shop off a busy street in town, place smells like a hotdog joint, bun was meant more for a brat than a hotdog though; slightly pricey at $1.35 each; exterior sign with the dog (animal) on it is hokey.

Binnie's Dog House, Coplay, PA
5Fantastic dog; very Yocco's-like; snap and sauce are right on but skimpy on the sauce. The place itself is run-down and not very clean though. I've been in dive bars that are nicer inside but still an excellent hot dog; $1.19 each
Jimmy's, Easton, PA4Served with a pickle slice, raw onions, and mustard; a tad light on the mustard and no real snap; the service was fast; it's a real hotdog shop - they have a big red sign where you order: "Take out only;" 85 cents each; service, ambience, and price bring it up to a 4; not quite as good as Toby's but better than Richard's.
Dad's, Bethlehem, PA3.75average hot dog, the place is too "chainish." An 'original' includes ketchup so we requested no ketchup. The last thing any place should do is put ketchup on a dog as SOP; $1.09 each.

Hot Dog Johnny's, Buttzville, NJ
5Another "Jimmy's style" dog but the best of the lot. A real roadside hotdog stand on Rt. 46 and Rt. 46 is nothing like Rt. 22 so it's easy and desirable to get there. Hotdog was hot, fresh, and tasty but a tad weak on the snap. The place itself is immaculate which is unusual for a place that puts out quality hotdogs. I had mine with birch beer but the buttermilk is also a favorite beverage to wash these down with. Keep up the the great work, Pat!
Rutt Hutt, Clifton, NJcoming soon
Willy Joe's, Allentown, PALiberty St. location was closed when we went; it was a Saturday; will investigate the reason
Mike's Doggie Shop, Hellertown, PAclosed on the Saturday afternoon when we went; will investigate the reason
Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe, Cranberry Twp, PAcoming soon
Hot Rod's Hot Dogs, Glen Gardner, NJcoming soon
Sharky's, Forks Twp., PAcoming soon