Obama First, America Second, or Third, or Fourth, or Fifth.... 
Well, that's the theme BHO seems to convey by replacing an American flag on the tail of his airplane with his campaign symbol.

Of course, if John McCain did this, there would be a call for public "McCain symbol" burnings throughout the land. But, since McCain supporters are more refined, they will not stoop to an "Obama symbol" burning call.

To be fair, McCain's plane does not have a flag on its tail either. However, the point here is not whether or not the presumptive candidates have flags on the tails of their campaign planes but that BHO REMOVED an American flag and replaced with his campaign symbol. This is a sign of arrogance, entitlement, and a "me first" mentality. I will leave it at that for obvious reasons.

No it isn't.

It isn't any more unpatriotic than the fact that insignia are now greatly muted on US military aircraft. As far as I know, the B-2 Spirit doesn't have a single star or bar on its airframe.

We know Barack Obama is running for the office of US president. Putting his campaign logo on the tail, even at the expense of the flag, is simply more informative. In any case, his loyalty to the Constitution should be judged by his actions, not superficial displays. It won't be very hard for him to outdo his predecessor.

Christ, first the 'lapel pin' thing and now this?

And, btw, speaking of stealth aircraft:


Keep an eye on babies like this one. I never thought an airplane from Sweden would be the kind to reduce us everyone to piles of glowing ash. What an age we live in.

Administrator (Brian) 
I thought the lapel brouhaha was overdone and I never made a comment about it and opting not to wear a pin is not the same as erasing the flag from a prominent location on a physical thing. The whole point isn't whether or not his plane has one, it's that a perfectly good American flag was scrubbed off and replaced with a another symbol; his symbol. Imagine the outcry if McCain did this. "But, oh, it's Obama, he can do no wrong. If he sees fit to stomp out an American flag, then, dagnabbit, it must be ok. It's just a flag. Pass the turpentine." Makes me wonder what other American symbols he doesn't want your eyes to see.

There'd be no outcry if McCain did that.

Just like there wasn't an outcry when McCain referred to his wife by a vulgar Latin-derived reference (from cunnus) to a part of her anatomy.

Imagine the outcry if McCain used a knuckle smash as a greeting. FOX News would be naming this incredibly common gesture a "terrorist fist jab". Oh wait nvm

No the media are not out to destroy McCain.

It struck me funny that the word cunnus has the 'masculine' gender. Gender in language is really hilarious sometimes.

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