Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Unnatural Aversion

My local paper published a slightly edited letter to the editor. Last I checked there were 195 comments on it and then a little later there were 157; still by far the most commented-on letter to the editor over the past few days. The most I saw on any other was five. They must moderate the comments after they are posted. Funny how what people read is different from what's written. My piece focused on use (or lack of) the word and not the actual observance of Christmas. Maybe there is no war on Christmas but there certainly is an effort to self-censor the word; or so it seems. Anyway, here's the link to the original version, followed by the one they printed.

unedited copy

mcall.com copy


At 04:10, Anonymous said...

I was scrolling through the mcall.com comments looking for an opportunity to start trolling when I found this comment by Anathema-2855:

"Christians have been waging war on Yule for centuries!
Long before Jesus, there was the true winter celebration.
I say, bring back the wassailing, the dancing and laughter.
Don't kill the trees to bring them inside; instead, bring them offerings where they grow, as is due Yggdrasil's children.
Await the coming of the thirteen Yule lads, one by one, and leave them presents in your shoes!
The walls of the spirit world grow thin - Trond is preparing the Wild Hunt!
Roll the burning wheel down the hill at midnight!
And after the lads have gone home, one by one,
Awake to the new year turned!"

He sure took the words out of my mouth; hvat's troll nema ├żat?

Even if schools and department stores say "Winter Break" and "Happy Holidays", what difference does it really make? Until Bill O'Reilly and others who issue histrionic polemics about exceedingly trivial holiday diction have to preach underground in the catacombs like early Christians did (oh, I wish), they just need to shut up.

P.S. -- I'm on Heimdal's invite list for his wicked Yule party this year! YES!

At 04:02, eikenskjaldi said...

I heard a great story about Bill O last Saturday.

He was on the phone harrassing a coworker with stories about falafel and women he exploited in 2nd world countries when Fundin, irate over O'Reilly's tirades over this mystery usurper holiday called 'Christmas', broke down O'Reilly's door with a broad skeggox and savagely headbutted him in the nuts.

O'Reilly was unable to host the Factor for the next few days, so Bertrand Russell (featuring Amon Amarth) took over the show for a while.

And there was much rejoicing.


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