Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Do as I do, not as I Say

The left-leaning MSM frequently criticizes America's image abroad and, generally, they state such claims not by doing research but by invoking their "blame Bush" policy. I do agree America's image abroad is tattered and not by Bush or Iraq but by our businesses.

Google has set up shop in China and has complied with their government and will censor search results. MSN and Yahoo do this too. Generally, the claim is that they must adhere to the laws the country and whatnot. Hogwash. Adherence to laws is fine - no one wants a tax scofflaw or a company that engages in extortion or kidnapping or anything. But stifling the values and freedoms that we hold dear is simply wrong. These companies have no backbone. They take the easy way out and throw their hands up and say "we have to comply." The image abroad is that U.S. companies go into another country and care only for profits and not for the ideals we preach from our pedestal over here. Actions do speak louder than words. The freedom at which businesses operate in the U.S. have direct roots in these basic values we have based our society on.

I wonder if I'm the only person who thinks this is wrong. How can we bring Democracy to the world when our own companies shed these beliefs as soon as they set foot in another land? People aren't stupid. They know that these companies are run by people and these people make the decisions of the business.

Google had no problem taking a stand against the US government the other day (a move I applaud). Why didn't they stand up to China? The answer is easy. It's probably very hard to find a Chinese lawyer who will stand up to Beijing. I wonder why that is...


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