Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Let Freedom Ring

I toured the Liberty Bell Shrine yesterday. The Liberty Bell (and other bells too) were smuggled out of Philadelphia after the Battle of Brandywine, Sept. 11, 1777. The Liberty Bell arrived in Northampton Town (now Allentown) on Sept. 24 and was hidden in the Zion Reformed Church. Two of my ancestors played a big part in the Bell's history. I am a descendent of one of the men who helped smuggle the Bell (John Jacob Mickley) and of Abraham Blumer, pastor of the church at the time the bell was hidden (Blumer's son married Mickley's daughter). The Liberty Bell was returned to Philadelphia in 1778.

Here is a picture of me ringing the replica of the Liberty Bell.


At 21:51, King George W, I mean III said...

Too bad they didn't have "Google Earth" back then - we could have followed these rebels right to the church!


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