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      • Only in NJ
        Yes, in New Jersey, the state that can't even manage itself well enough to keep casinos - an excellent source of free money - open; comes this story:

        It's Raining Dead Birds in New Jersey

        So let me get this straight, one of only two states where you can't pump yo

      • Democrats Oppose Progress
        So much for being "progressive."

        Senate OKs 4-month delay to digital TV changeover

        Unbelievable; and the follies have just begun. They've been advertising this change for two years plus.

        The irony is that if people don't understand this changeov

      • Cold
        ...very cold. So far, nearly every day has been below normal this month. Take a look.

        It's not just local, either: Deep Freeze Chills Florida

        UK's Met Office sees cold winter continuing

        Abnormally cold winter among issues facing utilities (Iowa)

      • Championship Sunday
        For what it's worth, here are my picks:

        Eagles 27, Cardinals 24

        Ravens 20, Steelers 16

        Seems like the consensus is that we are going to see a Turnpike Superbowl. I don't think so.

      • Decadence is OK, if it's Obama
        Where is all the outrage over the excessive costs of BHO's inauguration?

        Obama's inauguration set to be the most expensive in US history

        Surely, we all remember the furor just four years ago.

        It's his party ...and it costs $40 million
        Change &quo

      • In The Times Today
        From today's NYTimes:

        Intelligence Court Rules Wiretapping Power Legal
        Surely we will have calls for impeachment of Obama, Biden, and calls for resignation of whoever the attorney general turns out to be. Surely the outrage will be as vehement and vociferous from the same people

      • Misnomer
        New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services removes Adolf H----- Campbell, sisters from parents' home

        The reason is still unclear and the article mentions that local police had no reports of the children being mistreated, but just imagine the irony if the children were taken sim

      • 100 Books
        Five years ago, I set out on a challenge to read 100 books in five years. I topped that number by three. Here's the list.

      • Don't blame them
        Someone sent this email, copied and pasted from the company's website, to a mailing list I subscribe to:

        Welcome to the MadTux Store

        We regret to inform you that economic conditions have forced us to close our doors after eight years in business.

        Should read: &q

      • '09
        A few things to look forward to in 2009:

        1. In 19 days, BHO takes office. Look for the MSM to go into BDS mode when BHO can't fix something with a simple hand motion.

        2. George Snootupobamasass will need to invest in a thicker makeup nose-covering cream.

        3. Ri

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