Well, if you voted for change don't be distraught, ineptitude is a change.

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Scumbag Steve Meme of the Day 

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Oh, Obama was talking about the people being transparent to the government. Funny, I could've sworn his campaign rhetoric spoke of the reverse. Unfortunately, too many voters sucked down the Kool-Aid and believed every promise Barry made (and has since ignored or broken).

Obama to let spy agencies scour Americans' finances

Impeachment would be nice except that it would put Biden in change. Well played, Barry.

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Most Transparent Administration Ever [sic] 

What a surprise. Well, not really.

From Slate, which certainly doesn't lean right.

President Obama promised transparency and open government. He failed miserably. So why do Washington watchdog groups look the other way?

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Another Meme 

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Today's Meme 

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Obama Agony Index 
What 'change' looks like. Thanks Barry!

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Occupy Movement v. Tea Party: The Facts 
Occupy Movement v. Tea Party: The Facts

And anyone else notice that even though things were soooooooo terrible under Bush, the riots are happening under Obama? Hope and Change strikes again!

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The Doorbell Rang 

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Hope and Change Update - Aug. 8 

Dow Skids 600, Worst Day Since Credit Crisis

Senator Kerry may want to blame the Tea Party for this too. Senator, I have news for you: if the Tea Party were even half as influential and you seem to think they are, Obama would have been impeached and removed from office by now.

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It's A Lesson to Me 

So I'm in the mood to listen to some Dead. Fine. But in the right pane of suggestions are what I would expect - Dead songs, except for the top entry: "Matt Damon Rips Sarah Palin". Obviously, that's a previously unrecorded Dead song I am not familiar with.

WTF does Matt Damon's opinion of Sarah Palin have to do with the Grateful Dead? Oh wait, this is Youtube, a Google subsidiary; an extension of the left-wing establishment.

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Fear Mongering by the AP 

Wearing a 1940's German military uniform for reenacting? The horror! Next thing you know, someone will be portraying Amon Goeth in a movie!

This article serves no other purpose than to cause fear. Liberal bias by the media? Nah. If this guy were a Democrat, he'd be called a history buff.

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