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      • Letter to the Editor
        Here's my letter to the editor that was published yesterday. The link is good for about two weeks.

        Letter to the editor

        Here's the cartoon.

      • The First "Green" President
        ...versus someone who is less "Green."

        "Bush's House more Eco-Friendly Than Gore's" [Link]

        USAToday article: [Link]

        From Snopes: [Link]

        Pictures of Gore's house: [Link]

        Is Al Gore carbon neutral? [Link]
      • Circrook City
        Circuit City has announced the layoffs of 3,400 employees because they make too much. Why did they pay them the higher wages to begin with? This sounds like upper-level management malfeasance to me.

        Hopefully the smarter and harder working employees who were not affected by this move wil

      • Information Warfare
        I don't know that this is true or not but it's certainly believable.

        It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

      • JACK ARMY’s "A Day in the Life” of My FOB

        A chaptered story told on many blogs starts here and continues here:

        Chapter Two: Business

        After breakfast today, there were a few minor issues to be dealt with. First, a certain lieutenant needs to harassed. He feels sad and lonely if I fail to do that each day

      • The Intarweb
        With all this talk of Net Neutrality lately, I can't decide whom I distrust least, the government or corporations. I often stick up for businesses but that's mainly because I know more liberals than conservatives. I don't believe that the Internet is considered a utility, yet, and I

      • A New Battalion
        Since it seems that the Pentagon is struggling to find fresh troops , I have an idea. Congress seems to think we can end waging the peace in Iraq with the stroke of pen. Since they have all the answers, let's mobilize Congress, all 535 members, form them into a battalion, send them to Iraq to

      • Exmochev
        New York, May 2, 2023 – Exmochev, the last of the U.S. owned oil companies, announced today that is it shutting down the last of its facilities in the United States. The move will leave the remaining 9,200 employees looking for jobs. Exmochev sold all remaining company-owned gas stations two years a

      • This Kool-Aid Tastes Funny
        Since it seems that I am the only Linux user who hasn't drunk the Ubuntu Kool-Aid yet, I thought I'd give a whirl this weekend. I downloaded the ISO for 6.10 (I prefer numbers to names) and pulled out the old Sony Vaio; a PII 96 MB of RAM. I immediately stuck a 64 MB stick in there just to

      • March Reading
        After having just finished The Fountainhead, I couldn't wait to get started on on Atlas Shrugged. At 1,168 pages, it'll take me most of March (and into April) to read, and that's with an aggressive reading schedule. The only copy the library has was hardcover which makes it more of ch

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