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      • All Access at Heinz Field
        Yesterday I went to the Pitt game with two college friends and one of them had some all-access passes for Pitt games at Heinz Field. So, we spent most of the first half on the Pitt sideline. When you watch a football game you always see regular people on the sideline and yesterday I was one of those

      • In Pittsburgh
        Making a quick post today before I head out to the Pitt-USF game; it's COLD here in Pittsburgh: 24 F at 8:45 am and it will be in the 30's during the game. I am doing a quick turnaround; left for Pittsburgh yesterday and going back home after the game. To keep myself occupied, I loaded my

      • First Flakes

        Over three inches of unpredicted snow fell over our area yesterday into today. The forecast was for a rain and snow mix with little or no accumulation. It actually worked out well since it wasn't predicted, there was no pre-snow panic.

        As you can tell, my apple tree stil

      • Hand Picked
        Word around the blogosphere is that CNN staged the Democratic debate in Las Vegas. The audience was full of ringers (non-ringers?) and the questioners where told what to ask. [Link] Of course, CNN has done this in the past with an equally silly question. [Link]

        Diamonds or pearls? What�

      • Veteran's Day
        Support our troops, not by ending the war but by rooting for the home team and letting our military do what it's trained to do.

        The victors do not determine when a war ends, the vanquished do - by laying down their arms and giving up the fight.

        Aside from having a pro-Ame

      • .... . .-.. .-.. --- / .-- --- .-. .-.. -..
        11/04/07 how "hello world" is represented in Morse Code. The dots and dashes are generally called dits (short/dot) and dahs (long/dash). The slash in the title represents a space between words. When transmitting, the space between words is a short pause.

        I am trying to learn Morse

      • Pile On
        Even though Hillary has a commanding lead in both the polls and in cash, her strategy of playing a victim I find questionable myself but something that may just work. After all, one core bastion of thought that most Democrats preach when they try to get your vote is to convince you, the voter, that

      • Rope for Sale
        I saw this story this morning and it reminded me to try to find the actual quote attributed to Lenin that says, in effect, "The capitalist will sell you the rope you intend to hang him with." I wanted to find the actual quote and when it was said or where it was published originally. In se

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