Snowbound ('baund; adj.) - Living in PA and getting 6 inches of snow 
A large winter storm is currently moving through the Mid-Atlantic into the Northeast. As usual, people are crowding the stores buying eggs, bread, and milk thinking they'll be stuck for eleven days because of six inches of snow. Anyway, I don't know why they bother even doing that. Personally, the longest I was stuck was three days and that was because it took the apartment management that long to plow out the parking lot. After that, I bought a shovel and kept it in the truck of my car. I was living in Pittsburgh at the time and it started snowing on a Monday evening and stopped on Thursday. We got about two feet out of that one. Even without going to the store, I had more than three days' worth of food in the apartment. If an apartment dweller who, at that time, had just a part-time job had more that three days' of food in the house, I am sure most other people do, too.

Another reason why panic buying because of the weather is silly is that I thought it was the government's job to come bail us out after a major storm. It's nice to know that if I take no precautions whatsoever, no food, no shovels, no ice melt, etc, I can simply wait for them to come to me. If they don't come, I'll simply assume that Dubya doesn't care about suburbanites.

Yeah, but I crawled a pr0n site with Python and urllib2 earlier.

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