NPR: All the News that's Fit to Hide 
Like many Americans, I was surprised to find out that Hillary Clinton failed the DC bar exam in 1973. To her credit, she did pass the Arkansas bar exam that same year. I haven't watched the news today but I am confident that this must be all over such mean conservative leaning news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and CBS News. Drat that conservative media who buries stories like these!

So it was 34 years ago and what does it matter? Something that happened 30-plus years ago mattered when Bush was running for a second term and it mattered so much that several people had to conspire and create Microsoft Word documents that pre-dated Microsoft's founding to make something 'true.'

I did some searches on Google news. I typed in "hillary clinton failed bar" (sans quotes) and got 169 hits. The first was from and the link worked. The second was from the Boston Globe. I clicked the link and the mention was on the second page, fifth paragraph from the end. At least the Globe didn't hide the story like NPR did which was the the third result from the search. When I clicked that, I got a page not found error.

Additionally, I didn't find anything in the NYTimes about it but I'n not surprised either. I changed 'failed' to 'flunked' and only got a story about JFK Jr.

Anyway, I went to the NPR site and did find the story which is more of a blog post. In the article was a quote: "already-known fact that Clinton failed the District of Columbia bar exam."

Already known? By whom? She admittedly kept it secret for 30 years! The link provided by blogger Tom Regan where he claims it was 'already known' links to a someone's blog post dated on May 25, 2007 which simply references that she did mention it in her autobiography. I seem to recall her book made some bestsellers lists but it appears that no one read it or, if they did, they selectively forgot that part.

If she's capable of hiding something from her closest friends for 30 years, imagine what's she's capable of hiding from the American people. There is nothing wrong with failing a bar exam but there is shame in not being able to admit it.

Scoob E. Doo 
I guess once you've slept with Bill Clinton nothing shames you anymore.

Update: I ran the same query through Google News this morning. The NPR result (which is now the 8th hit) still directs to a "page not found." I guess Google's Newsbots haven't found the correct link on NPR's site yet, which is not surprising.

Diogenes of Sinope 
You're right: there's no point in applying Occam's Razor, when you can indulge in fanciful conspiracy theories whose only evidence consists of a bunch of flaky anecdotes instead of hard statistical data and analysis...the kind of statistical analysis that the hippie science-huggers in the IPCC used to conclude that AGW is real.

(Strain at gnats in peer-reviewed science, turn around and swallow whole your own conspiracy theory camels.)

Besides, it just isn't any fun to attribute the nuances of Internet searching to boring things like the PageRank algorithm or human error, no matter how minor or trifling, when you can implicate black helicopters, a Je...I mean, liberal conspiracy to control the media, and Clinton's penis taking out hits on half the people in Arkansas. Kind of like how it's more fun to attribute the expanding growth of mushroom rings to little dancing faeries, when the actual cause is some boring claptrap about a 'mycelium' and nutrient depletion in the soil.

All I'm saying is that I'd rather watch The X-Files than even me kicking ass on Scholastic Scrimmage.

Anyway, if your first hit came from Newsbusters of all places, I don't see what you're complaining about.

Is your tape of you on Scholastic Scrimmage on the web somewhere? I'd like to see it.

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