Well, I knew this was inevitable, this morning I took the winterizing plastic off the main air conditioner in our house. By the way, it was here when we moved in; I take pride in the fact that I've never purchased an air conditioner. We've been using a small room air conditioner (free) for the twins' room but the rest of the house had not been subject to air conditioning. I hold out as long as I can because I do not like air conditioning. Once it was on, I made sure to spend the day outside on our screened-in, non-A/C porch. 92 degrees, no problem, that's just barely the low-end of hot.

And, no, I don't use it in my truck either. It's been broken for five years and what irks me is that I'll have to fix the A/C in order to sell the vehicle. At one time I thought that A/C in cars was the worst feature ever but it was bumped to number two when some brain-dead marketing executive (excuse the redundancy) decided to put DVD players in them.

It used to be that people only used A/C when it got hot. Nowadays, it seems like people have lowered what 'hot' is from say, 90 to 80 and, thus, the A/C runs every day from mid-June to early September.

Cutting back on our A/C usage would be an easy way for everyone to chip in and reduce our energy consumption. I wonder why no one ever proposes this? I'll admit I do it for personal reasons but what about all the blowhards out there who are always lecturing us on our habits and yet never change their own? Brian: 1, loudmouth hypocrite: 0.

I've tried a lot to minimize the A/C use in my house. However, on days like we have had this week with temperatures in the 90's with tons of humidity, it's running on full power! But at night, I almost always have it turned off with the windows open.

Same thing in my car - the only time I do use the A/C is when I'm driving on the highway, which is usually only to and from work (except when driving at night.)

It may not seem as though I'm not trying as hard as you to reduce energy (and I'm probably not), but it's a start.

You should e-mail this post to Al Gore.

Take care, and thanks for stopping by my blog :)

A.J. -
I am not trying very hard and that's my point. People don't need to latch on to Al. They just need to bear with the horror and discomfort of not running the car A/C when they are driving three blocks to the supermarket or turn on a fan on that 82 degree day instead turning the house into a walk-in refrigerator. By the way, the A/C in the house is now off.

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