"Critics Attack 12-Year-old" 
..is the byline above a picture in an AOL news story about Graeme Frost posted today. Since the media failed to do initial fact-checking and the Democrats failed to see that using a child for political purposes can put unwarranted strain on a kid, the media is trying really hard to spin this into a theme that anyone who questions the veracity of the background of a kid propped up by Democrats, well, they must be mean. Their "Checkers speech" attempt has failed.

I feel bad for the kid. His parents should have said "no thanks." But, then again, I don't. Betcha he'll be on Oprah within a week. *sob*

Update: I thought about the headline, which came from the NYT - "Hurt Boy......" The accident the kid referenced happened three years ago! Since most people have been hurt at some time in their lives, I wonder if the NYT will preface names mentioned in other headlines with 'hurt' or maybe 'tired' or perhaps even 'constipated' since most people have gone through those other normalcies of being human too. The NYT is playing the sob story card and putting their usual spin on the news. Well that's my update. This 'hurt' (I've broken some bones in my life and last summer I took a head-first dive over the handlebars of my bicycle) blogger signs off.

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