Hand Picked 
Word around the blogosphere is that CNN staged the Democratic debate in Las Vegas. The audience was full of ringers (non-ringers?) and the questioners where told what to ask. [Link] Of course, CNN has done this in the past with an equally silly question. [Link]

Diamonds or pearls? What's up with that? Is that question indicative of the decisions a cabinet usually asks a president to make? Is that a matter of national importance?

I did not watch the debate so I cannot comment on the content and the alleged pro-Clinton tilt. But I can say that questions about jewelry are silly and unlikely to be topics of discussion when Iran takes Americans hostage again, or when China moves some capital ships closer to Taiwan, or when Democrats are scratching their heads as the War on Poverty quagmire moves closer and closer to year 50 with no end in sight.

Let's end this charade so that B.O., Joe Biden, and Denis Kucinichovich can get back to doing what they were elected to do - representing and working for their constituents. I mean, really, these guys should be in 1) Washington or 2) their state/district working for the people; not flying to Vegas and Iowa and Philadelphia, and everywhere else. As for Edwards, he can go back to suing big companies for doing mean things like making money. The MSM is rooting for Hillary and making no real effort to conceal it. So, boys, get back to work! If the economy is in such dire straits like you all say, you'd be doing everyone a favor by not accepting any more money from the waiting-in-the-soup-line public. Hillary's money only comes from straight-shooters like Norman Hsu or dishwashers in NYC who love her so much they have no problem shelling out $1000 for her campaign. I remember when I was making $6 an hour. I just couldn't wait to give some millionaire candidate a month's pay. Take my money! Please! Every dish I scrub is another penny just for you!

As for Yucca Mountain, you won't see me moving near there any time soon. I suggest you don't either.

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