The letter informing us about receiving a stimulus came today. Instead of spending like drunken sailors like so many Americans do, anyone who gets a check should 1) use it to pay down debt; credit card debt first or 2) put into a savings account. Other good uses are retirement funds, college funds, and home improvements. Naturally, ours will go into savings right away until we decide if we need any home improvements or to pad the three college funds a little.

Unfortunately, the reality is that all this package will do is augment the already rapid rising costs of goods. It's a 'feel good' move that will likely do little other than make things cost more which, of course, hinders people from paying debt or saving.

Impossible! Thrift is unpatriotic.

Patrick Davila 
I got the same letter. Have you heard the radio commercials trying to get people to spend their refund money on a brand new HDTV? Unreal friggen real. Ultimately it's a free country and people can spend their money on anything they want.

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