Ever notice that the same people who castigate ExxonMobil for making a profit are the same people who are making the most noise about all these firms losing insane amounts of money?

When big companies make money, the market does well. When ExxonMobil makes money, some people want to lynch them. Democrats have gotten their wish (just before a presidential election, coincidentally), big greedy American companies falling on hard times and now they gripe about it and pass a feckless pork-laden bill that will cause more problems than it solves; rewarding fecklessness and passing the bill onto us - well, at least the most responsible of us - those who live within our means.

I say put ExxonMobil in charge of everything, they seem to be able to do what the government can't do - make more money than they spend.

Running the gubbermint like a business for eight years sure worked.

Administrator (Brian) 
It would work if done properly. No business can succeed by giving away the store.

Apparently you haven't learned about why public goods and quasi-public goods are provided.

Administrator (Brian) 
...but they can be neglected, abused, or mismanaged just the same and the agencies who manage such are quite capable of ineptitude. Government draws its employees from the same job pool the private sector does, if not smaller.

Besides, I think a some of this was timed to hit now. The Democratic-led congress who all say they knew this was time-bomb waiting to go off but decided to wait two and a half years to act and then add that to a press all too eager to pump up any bad news and, presto, you have an October surprise. It may sound crazy but it's a lot less crazy than those "9/11 was an inside job" theories.

Major businesses speculating recklessly is the fault of the DEMOCRATS.

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