Ab so lutely 
Vatican: Beatles music better than today's songs

Sensible and wise people, those Vaticans.

Believe it or not, I would rather listen Dies Irae than Rubber Soul.

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I would have to look up what the former is and I think I may choose not to. lol

According to START

===> What is Dies Irae?

Dies Irae

Dies Irae (Day of Wrath) is a famous thirteenth century Latin hymn thought to be written by Thomas of Celano. It is a medieval Latin poem, differing from classical Latin by its accentual (non-quantitative) stress and its rhymed lines. The meter is trochaic. The poem describes the day of judgment, the last trumpet summoning souls before the throne of God, where the saved will be delivered and the unsaved cast into eternal flames. The hymn was used as a sequence in the Roman Catholic Requiem Mass until the 1970 revision of the Roman Missal.

Source: Wikipedia

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It is also quite possible that 700 years from now, people will still be listening to Rubber Soul.

Well I can say one thing for sure

Whoever wrote Regin Smišur (Regin the Smith) in the 12th century did not see this coming:


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