Calm instead of the Storm 
...pretty much sums up Atlantic Hurricane Season 2009. After Katrina, I thought the US was supposed to be pounded relentlessly annually with big and bad storms similar in magnitude of Katrina that numbered into the teens because of Global Warming Climate Change <insert flavor of the month impending doom scenario here>.

from USA Today:

"The 2009 Atlantic hurricane season ended Monday without a hurricane landing on U.S. shores and with the fewest named storms in 12 years, according to the National Hurricane Center."

Whew. Luckily, scientists can be wrong sometimes. (Or make up data too, but that's another topic **cough** **cough** climategate **cough** **cough**). Speaking of which, if the media spent just 10% of the effort researching the allegations of Climategate that they put into A**m L*****t or Tiger Woods or their constant bleating of adoration for BHO...but maybe they're afraid of that the data really has been fudged.

Tiger Beat media strikes again!

(and let's not forget snow in Houston today. Earliest snowfall on record there. lol)

Update (12/08) - is it me or does it seem like there are more doom and gloom news stories about climate change lately? It could just coincide with the large carbon footprint going on in Copenhagen or, more likely, this is the media's coordinated response to the Climategate emails.

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