A Lock 
Etch this is stone; it's a lock; a no-brainer. Everyone knows that scientists in the year 1000 accurately predicated what the earth would look like in 2000.

Global Warming: Dire Prediction for the Year 3000

There weren't really any scientists in 1000.

That was because the Moral Majority murdered Hypatia and burned the Library of Alexandria.

Question: how many of these instruments were available in 1000


I'm pretty sure the nasal helmet was top of the line back then

Also: why don't you submit your ironclad refutations of the liberal global warming scam to Nature or Science

They even publish letters to the editor. Doesn't have to be a full writeup

Also because this post is locked

"WTF does Matt Damon's opinion of Sarah Palin have to do with the Grateful Dead? Oh wait, this is Youtube, a Google subsidiary; an extension of the left-wing establishment."


I clicked on a video about 2001: a space odyssey and the Featured Video was "Watch Real Moms"

Therefore, YouTube is run by liberal Jews

There weren't really any scientists in 1000.

You proved my point.

What point

And what does this have to do with how ACC is science

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