D-Day +70 

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Well, if you voted for change don't be distraught, ineptitude is a change.

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2013 Log 
Running log for 2013: 696 miles. I ran two half-marathons and several 5K's. That number was a big drop from 2012 when I logged 907 and a far cry from 2011 when I logged close 1000. I did not run a marathon as I had planned.

The plan for this year calls for one half-marathon and a fall marathon. I will run the Via Marathon in September. I am also in the lottery drawing for NYC. If I get lucky, I'll run two marathons in the fall.

I logged 378 miles on the bike, mostly on the Fuji but some of that, probably less than 20, was on the unicycle.

Happy 2014!

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New Unicycle 

I upgraded from a no-name 20" to a Torker Unistar CX 24". I had to hack off about 2" from the seat stem so I could lower the seat and freemount easier. The new seat is also not very male-friendly and I now need to wear "core support" when I ride. Otherwise, the bigger wheel allows for me to cover distance a tad easier.

On the second or third day I had it, I went three miles, which was quite a workout!

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Scumbag Steve Meme of the Day 

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RFID Chips in Palmer Twp Trash Cans 

The new trash and recycling cans have RFID tags in them. They are above the number and in that lip. Nothing about this was mentioned in the literature or on the website.

Use of these cans is mandatory. So, what are they tracking? Why was this fact not disclosed?

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Oh, Obama was talking about the people being transparent to the government. Funny, I could've sworn his campaign rhetoric spoke of the reverse. Unfortunately, too many voters sucked down the Kool-Aid and believed every promise Barry made (and has since ignored or broken).

Obama to let spy agencies scour Americans' finances

Impeachment would be nice except that it would put Biden in change. Well played, Barry.

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Most Transparent Administration Ever [sic] 

What a surprise. Well, not really.

From Slate, which certainly doesn't lean right.

President Obama promised transparency and open government. He failed miserably. So why do Washington watchdog groups look the other way?

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2012 Log 
Running log for 2012: 907 miles. I ran two half-marathons, one marathon, and several 5K's. I set PR's in each of those categories as well.

The plan for this year calls for one half-marathon and a fall marathon. My fingers are crossed that I'll into the NYC Marathon this year. If not, I haven't decided on a backup yet.

Add another 361 for velo and that's 1268 miles moving forward; a big drop from 2011 when I logged 975/474.

Happy 2013!

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Philadelphia Marathon 
I completed the Philadelphia Marathon yesterday. Being my second marathon, it was easy to set a PR. I beat my time in the Pittsburgh Marathon by 11 minutes.

9:56 pace
6730 out of 11422 finishers

My goal was a 4:15 and, up to around mile 15 or so, I was around a 9:10 pace and had a good shot at a low 4 finish. I never hit the wall but by mile 18 the feet and hamstrings were beginning to hurt. I didn't walk too much during this one, maybe 5-8 times for under a minute each time.

I high-fived Mayor Nutter at the finish line!

Overall, a well organized marathon; lots of enthusiastic spectators and great volunteers.

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I learned how to ride a unicycle this summer. It probably took around 15 hours of practice. I still need work on turning and idling. The unicycle in this video is a no-name 20" that cost around $50. I have a 24" Torker on my Xmas list.

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A Giant Leap 

R.I.P. Commander Armstrong

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