A New Battalion 
Since it seems that the Pentagon is struggling to find fresh troops , I have an idea. Congress seems to think we can end waging the peace in Iraq with the stroke of pen. Since they have all the answers, let's mobilize Congress, all 535 members, form them into a battalion, send them to Iraq to complete the mission. Surely, wielding their pens and preaching their rhetoric will solve all the problems. In fact, if people like Pelosi, Murtha, Spector, and Casey, Jr, arrived in Iraq, that might be enough to scare everyone away; well, everyone except their fan club, also known as the insurgency. But then, that way, that will leave congress open to dialogue with them and that will solve everything.

Oh yeah, don't worry about the bill. Taxpayers won't have to fund this battalion. Cold Cash William Jefferson will be able to bankroll this himself; just remember to pack his freezer.

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