Worst Congress, ever! 
The latest Gallup Poll puts Congress at the lowest approval rating since Gallup began polling such opinions. After years of bleating and panting and reminding us with trumpets blaring and horns-a-blowin' how low President Bush's approval rating has been, the MSM doesn't seem so quick to point this one out. The poll shows Congress's approval rating is at 18% whereas Dubya's is a whopping 32%. Yes, 32 is nothing to brag about - unless you're comparing it to 18.

Is this the worst Congress ever? Maybe not, but give them time and if the media gave more press to the miscreants of Democratic leaders like Harry Reid or Dianne Feinstein, it would be a slam-dunk. Instead, the MSM memory hole filter traps as much negative news it can about the misdeeds of Democrats but even that filter can't stop the volume of this flow.

Of course, how much faith can we put in polls? Democrats were quite befuddled in 2004 when many polls, especially the exit polls, showed John Kerry leading Bush but when the votes were tallied, the people were reminded that polls are not a science.

Polls aren't news unless, of course, they show John Kerry leading or they show how disapproving the people are of Dubya.

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