Pile On 
Even though Hillary has a commanding lead in both the polls and in cash, her strategy of playing a victim I find questionable myself but something that may just work. After all, one core bastion of thought that most Democrats preach when they try to get your vote is to convince you, the voter, that you are a victim. The reason that you cannot act on the opportunities available in this country is that everyone is against you. Outcome is what's important, not opportunity, and if you can't pass the open-book exam that is life, than someone has used some supernal force and made you a victim. The MSM has been bleating for several years now how bad things are and how bad you have it and have set the table perfectly on this theme too.

So it goes, then, it's only natural that the other Democratic candidates hit her hard (even if it was slow-pitch softball) during the debate a few days ago. Mind you, these other candidates are not world leaders who aspire to develop nuclear weapons or who do nothing to prevent its citizens from crossing the Rio Grande en masse, these are just some guys who are fading rapidly and will return to their regular jobs soon enough and know it.

Her campaign is playing the "guys beating up a girl" card and they know many will be critical of this but her camp also knows that this tactic will garner a few more percentage points as this is directed towards other "victims" of our evil society that really demands little of us. Hillary is a strong woman. She can handle herself and its unlikely any opponent or any moderator, even if they stop tossing softball questions, can shake her.

I don't agree with this crybaby tactic but she does aspire to be president. She needs to be hammered day in and day out and if she can't handle it from Americans, surely she can't handle it from the world. This applies to all the candidates, boy or girl.

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