Section 111 
...was where my seat was in tonight's Flyers-Maple Leafs game at the W------- Center (no plugs for Banks on my blog); good seats, 13 rows back from the right-side goalie face-off circle. Flyers won 4-1 to break a losing streak.

L----- did a promotion during the game in which our entire section won a free radio-controlled toy car. Instructions were to pick it up near section 120 after the game. However, many from our section went to pick up their prize during the 3rd period and by the time I got there, which was after the game, they were out. There were about 20 or so people upset with this and the security staff blamed L----- and I do too as they should have made sure they had enough for everybody; either that or they weren't scanning tickets or marking them off as people got the cars. The center staff eventually gave us a paper to fill out our name and address and said that they will give it to the sponsor's rep. and hopefully send us our prize. It's not the item but the principle so I put my name and address down. If they indeed pass the paper along, I'd guess there is about a 20% chance I get a toy car, 50% chance I get a gas card or something else that would likely make me buy something in order to get something or some discount, and 20% I get a letter from the company. I can't say I believe anyone will get the paper we filled out so I will probably email someone on the Flyers and complain.

Otherwise, the game was fun. I hadn't been to a hockey game for a few years and almost forgot how fun the games are.

Incidentally, it's $10.25 for a 16 oz Yuengling and a hot dog. Traffic getting into the Center was a mess. There must have been something at the Spectrum too. Overall, it was a fun night out.

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