Boo Hoo 
I certainly erred when I compared Hillary's campaign to the Titanic. Hillary is human after all, and like some humans, especially those under the age of ten, she realizes that crying is an acceptable way to get what you want. However, no amount of crying would have saved the Titanic from disaster and as an aspiring president, Hillary must learn that crying rarely saves human lives or capital. Weeping and sobbing may work on the people she bussed in from Massachusetts and Maine to vote in New Hampshire, but it won't work when trying to defend this nation from enemies, domestic and foreign, and it won't work as a foreign policy tactic either. Of course, crying and tantrums will likely work when persuading some of the more feckless (Reid, Pelosi) members of Congress so she can play that card again to get her way on some issues; that is, if she's elected.

So, what did I learn?

1. I must improve my Gimping skills.
2. Never ever count a Clinton as out. It's 1992 all over again.
3. She will make the Obama campaign look like the Titanic, especially after the kiss of death he received from iceberg John Kerry.
4. On second thought, who cares who John Kerry endorses?
5. I need to stop picking on her. The more I do, the stronger she seems to get, even if that strength is built on tears.

Foreign policy doesn't work like this:

HC: "boo hoo, please don't test another missile"
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: "Mrs. Clinton, we must protect ourselves from evil American imperialism."
HC (weeping): "but you can hurt people with those things. It's not fair! You need to take an anti-bullying class. These focus groups have done well here in the US by turning everyone into a wimp. You should try it; it brings out your sensitive side."
MA: "No."
HC (stomping and hissing): "It's not fair, you meanie! Why won't you listen to me?"
MA: "Well, now, since you starting stomping and crying, I guess I'll change my mind. I'll cancel the missile program. Tea tomorrow? And sign me up for one of those classes, too."
HC: "Tea? sure, just don't tell Bill. He gets so jealous when I socialize with foreign men, especially those who are just as subservient to their master, like he was to me for those eight years. Between you and I, though, don't tell anyone I said that. To the American people, I call this 'experience.'"
MA: "Ok, will do, and if I get out of line again, just throw another tantrum and I'll remember my place."
HC: "Sure thing; gotta run; heading down to Texas today to throw a few hissy fits to secure the border. Later, I'll call Hu Jintao up with my sob voice and work on that trade deficit."

So it goes. Boo hoo.

The road to the White House is tough, but not half as tough as being the President.

Oh, and I don't pick on her because she's a woman. I think we, as a nation, are ready for a woman president, but she isn't the one.

And, imagine the ridicule someone like Condi Rice would face if she cried like that! Once again, Hillary knows how to play the media and she played those cards perfectly and, in turn, the voters bought it hook, line, and sinker. Either that, or the non-New Hampshire residents she bussed in really put her over the top.

I've beaten this dead horse enough. It's too early in the year to discuss this coming election. I fell into the trap.

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