"It's been so warm lately..."

Q: "So how warm has it been?"

A: "It's been so warm, that activists had to rename 'a national day of citizen action on global warming' to a 'climate change' rally." [Link]

It appears that they didn't have time to reprint the signs.

"Global warming rally cut short by cold weather"

That's a great headline; someone send it to Jay Leno. That belongs there with "Nothing destroyed in fire, but damage near $100,000" or "City increasing speed limit to slow down drivers" or "High crime areas said to be safer."

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The Most Powerful Man in America 
I am just as sick of hearing about Don Imus as anyone else but I can't help thinking about it. I think what concerns me the most is that Al Sharpton has become the most powerful man in America. If Al doesn't like what you say, then you are finished and the dinosaur media is more than willing to give him as much time as he wants with the bullhorn on a soapbox.

Like others, I am beginning to wonder who's next. Liberals who want Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and the ultimate prize - Rush Limbaugh - smell blood. Imus was none of those three, even if you disagree with them, Imus did not have the talent nor did he have the ratings of those three. It's possible CBS Radio and MSNBC were looking for reasons to can Imus and he gave them their reason but I doubt it. Al said "jump" and CBS Radio and MSNBC quickly responded with "how high?"

Still, I think this sets a dangerous precedent. Allowing a nobody to dictate policy is very dangerous.

I do wonder who's next. We can live without Imus. But will it stop there? I foresee a trickle down effect to the average blogger. Some bozos want bloggers to register as lobbyists so the intent is already there to monitor and restrict bloggers. Yes, we can do without Imus but we cannot do without the average person being able to post his beliefs without fear of being regulated, registered, or replaced.

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One Day in 2021 
...my children will ask me: "Daddy, why didn't you do anything about global warming?" To which I'll reply: "I wanted to, but it was just too darn cold to do anything."

April 5: 42/32 (avg: 56/35)
April 6: 40/28
April 7: 41/24
April 8: 41/25
April 9: 46/23
April 10: 48/25
April 11: 54/24 (avg: 58/37)

Spring is a myth.

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Tidbits (Updated) 
Even though she is abroad and affirming the veracity of my letter to the editor, I'll give Speaker Pelosi credit for one thing: she is not bad-mouthing the US and blaming us for everything, unlike Al Gore does when he travels abroad.

The Phillies have started 0-2 and have blown leads late in both games. This is not a good way to start April but it's not unusual. The Phillies seem to forget that games played in April count. I hope they remember this when they are two games back to the Mets in late September.

Even though I have given up watching the cable new channels, I can still hear the panting the MSM is doing over the prediction of 17 named Atlantic storms this season. They are still bugged over last year's super-hyped predictions of destruction only to be let down by five named storms that didn't do any major damage.

Speaking of weather. Where I live, the average high/low for this time of year is 56/35. Here's the five-day forecast: 42/23, 43/21, 40/24, 44/26, and 49/29. If anyone reading this is getting some of that global warming action, blow some this way, please. Better yet, locally, all we need to do is get out and drive our cars more. That will warm things up in a hurry. I had to put the storm windows in today; something I usually do at the end of baseball season, not at the beginning.

I usually don't comment or link to others' letters to the editor, but this guy hit the nail right on the head. There ought to be a law against lazy and stupid people getting laws passed. I don't know which is worse, those who write and propose stupid laws or those who enact them.

Our Congressman has been flagged by the White House as "vulnerable to defeat" in the next election. ALL members of Congress should be "vulnerable to defeat" in every election. It's too bad people in West Virginia, Massachusetts, and PA's 12 Congressional district aren't progressive enough for change.

Adblock for Firefox is OK, but blocking advertising sites through a router is better and easier; that is if your router has that feature.

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Letter to the Editor 
Here's my letter to the editor that was published yesterday. The link is good for about two weeks.

Letter to the editor

Here's the cartoon.

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The First "Green" President 
...versus someone who is less "Green."

"Bush's House more Eco-Friendly Than Gore's" [Link]

USAToday article: [Link]

From Snopes: [Link]

Pictures of Gore's house: [Link]

Is Al Gore carbon neutral? [Link]

Since I don't watch any of the cable news channels anymore, I can only assume that CNN, MSNBC, CBS News have called Al Gore on this to have him explain his "do as I say, not as I do" philosophy.

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Circrook City 
Circuit City has announced the layoffs of 3,400 employees because they make too much. Why did they pay them the higher wages to begin with? This sounds like upper-level management malfeasance to me.

Hopefully the smarter and harder working employees who were not affected by this move will find new jobs soon. Hopefully dimwitted upper-level management will see sales and profits drop soon too.

I suppose this is not usual - firing higher paid employees - but the higher paid employees are usually the most experienced which, of course, doesn't mean they are the best workers, per se, but one probably finds that there are more good workers in that group than in the lower pay groups.

This looks like it may backfire on Circuit City. As a person who has worked in retail, I have no sympathy for boneheaded upper-level managers.

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Information Warfare 
I don't know that this is true or not but it's certainly believable.

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

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JACK ARMY’s "A Day in the Life” of My FOB 

A chaptered story told on many blogs starts here and continues here:

Chapter Two: Business

After breakfast today, there were a few minor issues to be dealt with. First, a certain lieutenant needs to harassed. He feels sad and lonely if I fail to do that each day. I also remind him that he can't do anything right without an NCO looking over his shoulder. He catches a lot of shit from the other guys about being a West Point Grad, but he takes it well and he reflects that institution's high standards well. A good officer that just gets better each day.

Next piece of business is to discuss the comings and goings of guests at the FOB. I do this with the other sergeant first class on the team. Part of the discussion centers on who will be housed where. Right now we have two "VIP" housing units that house two people each. Other guests will sometimes stay with team members and then we have a bunker at the opposite end of the FOB where everyone else gets stuck.

Finally, the last issue this morning regards two NCO's: one who's returning from mid-tour leave and the other who replaced him while he was gone. The commander prefers that the replacement stay and that the sergeant returning from leave go back to his parent unit. So, we tried to work out who would be best to work that issue, on our end and the other unit's end. The other E-7 and I pawned it off on an officer. He likes doing that kind of stuff anyway.

So, the morning is well on it's way, things are running smooth in the TOC and elsewhere on the FOB. Usually, a good number of the guys on the FOB will play football for a couple of hours. And usually, I don't participate. I'm old, fat and worn out. I just don't enjoy the creaks and soreness I get after playing sports. I'll read a book, do a little more internet surfing, or find some project around the FOB to work on. Maybe, I'll treat myself to a nap. Nah, not today. A few days ago someone mentioned softball which reminded me of the three gloves and two softballs I brought. I tried to organize a game but couldn't get enough players interested. Plenty of guys interested in football, though. Oh well.

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The Intarweb 
With all this talk of Net Neutrality lately, I can't decide whom I distrust least, the government or corporations. I often stick up for businesses but that's mainly because I know more liberals than conservatives. I don't believe that the Internet is considered a utility, yet, and I fear the day that it really does become one; regardless of who's saying they are managing it by not managing it.

Anyway, even though this isn't directly related to Net Neutrality, I decided to give Tor a try on my main desktop PC. It's easy enough to install and configure but you do need to install Privoxy and Libevent for it work. I even installed the Tor button for Firefox. Since this is for a desktop PC behind a router that does NAT, I needed to sign up for a DDNS service to manage all this. Even though I checked and double checked the confg files for everything, I still don't have Tor working properly. I know it's just a simple setting somewhere that I just can't find. So, I put that on the back burner and took advantage of the DDNS service I had subscribed to and set up the FreeBSD machine so web sites can be viewed from the Web. I chronicled it here. So, it's back to the drawing board for Tor but at least I got something done I had been meaning to for year or two.

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A New Battalion 
Since it seems that the Pentagon is struggling to find fresh troops , I have an idea. Congress seems to think we can end waging the peace in Iraq with the stroke of pen. Since they have all the answers, let's mobilize Congress, all 535 members, form them into a battalion, send them to Iraq to complete the mission. Surely, wielding their pens and preaching their rhetoric will solve all the problems. In fact, if people like Pelosi, Murtha, Spector, and Casey, Jr, arrived in Iraq, that might be enough to scare everyone away; well, everyone except their fan club, also known as the insurgency. But then, that way, that will leave congress open to dialogue with them and that will solve everything.

Oh yeah, don't worry about the bill. Taxpayers won't have to fund this battalion. Cold Cash William Jefferson will be able to bankroll this himself; just remember to pack his freezer.

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New York, May 2, 2023 – Exmochev, the last of the U.S. owned oil companies, announced today that is it shutting down the last of its facilities in the United States. The move will leave the remaining 9,200 employees looking for jobs. Exmochev sold all remaining company-owned gas stations two years ago to BP. It was announced last month that Shell, under its new Chinese ownership, will be acquiring BP.

“How can our government allow this to happen” Sen. Chelsea Clinton, D-NY was quoted as saying yesterday. “Here is a company that offered high wages, good benefits, and was an anchor of the US economy for over 100 years, and now it ceases to exist. We must question what management has been doing for the past 15 years; ever since the windfall profits tax bill was approved by Congress.” Clinton denied questions from the LBA (Licensed Bloggers Association) that Exmochev's demise was in any way connected to her mother's, herself a former Senator, statement in 2007 - “I want to take those profits.” Sen. Chelsea Clinton also blamed former President Bush who she claims never did enough to help the oil companies during his presidency. Former Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton could not be reached for comment. Her office stated she was vacationing in Cuba and could not be disturbed.

Exmochev's history traces its roots back to John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company as well as other historical names like Texaco and Gulf. The current name is a meld of three companies - Exxon, Mobil, and Chevron. Exxon and Mobil merged in 1999 becoming ExxonMobil and then acquired Chevron in 2013. The company was renamed Exmochev in 2014.

“Unlike the textile, consumer electronics, steel, and auto industries, Exmochev's demise seems to be related to government intervention which is ironic in that some say lack of government intervention is what caused industries like textiles to move overseas or steel and automobiles to flounder in the U.S.” one anonymous blogger (ANON4992FL;[http://[1044:0cb7:a0a4:d183:1ff2:ee93:a37c:4495]
]) was quoted as saying yesterday.

Senator Robert Byrd, (D-WV) demanded immediate hearings on the matter. “What are these people going to do for jobs?” he asked. When will companies realize that it's in the nation's best interest when the government takes their profits and redistributes them to the people?” “When I was your age,” Byrd said to a reporter, “we wore white sheets when we went out in public.” Byrd, at 105, continues to insist he's mentally fit to serve in Congress and also renounced all his associations with a former white-supremacist group. Once reporter counted that he “insisted” 27 times during yesterday's press conference on the matter.

Michael Rodriguez, 42, of Houston, wondered “what am I supposed to do, go work at WalMazon for $17.75 an hour? I had some savings but most of that was seized in 2019 when Congress authorized that the windfall profits tax can be applied to individuals who have more than twice their yearly income in savings or retirement accounts.”

With Exmochev no longer in business, Venezuelan-owned Citgo and Shell, the former Dutch company recently acquired by the Chinese government, are the largest oil companies doing business in the U.S. U.S. State Department Officials believe that some of Citgo's profits are being used to arm and train Mexican and Venezuelan troops in Mexico and that Shell's profits are being used to build Chinese military bases in Africa. No one from Citgo or Shell was available for comment.

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